shaved ice

Official Tropical Snow Licensee. Using Official Flavors.

A perfect treat on a warm summers day. Refreshing shaved ice is a treat for all ages. Shaving produces a very fine ice that appears snow-like. This extremely fine texture allows our syrup flavors to be absorbed by the ice rather than simply surrounding it. It's not a snow cone, it's a whole new experience..Enjoy this Hawaiian tradition in Idyllwild at the Candy Cupboard.

Over 25 Flavors to choose from

Flavors Available
OrangeBananaGrapeBlue raspberryRed raspberryTangerineRoot beerColaCherryPina ColodaBanana ColadaLimePassion FruitMangoStrawberryToasted CoconutLemonBlueberryGreen AppleBubble Gum Cotton CandyGauvaWatermelonPink LemonadePeachVanillaTutti FrutieCinnimon